Learning to Drive

At what age should people be starting to learn to drive? i have already started. Just on my farm, in stubble fields in my dads Toyota Hilux. Its so old that i can drive with confidence since its already so destroyed it would be hard to do anything worse to it than is already done. I would like to get really good at the actual driving part way before I’m 17 so as soon as i turn 17 i can take the theory, have a few lessons on the road and get my license within about 2 weeks of turning 17. Easy peasy i know.images Is there honestly any flaws to that plan? I don’t think so. My older brother is learning to drive as i speak. he’s taken his test once and failed and is taking it again in about a week i think. He’s 18 though. surely he should have learn forever ago.


How do city children learn to drive? someone who lives in the middle of London for example, would the first time they ever step into a car be straight onto the ridiculously busy streets of London? I definitely couldn’t do that. How do they?


I would like to talk about being a vegetarian. Im all for believing in what you like, and sure be a vegetarian or even a vegan, but please dont talk about it and post about it 24/7. My dads actually a beef farmer. Only a small time one. About 80 cows at the most.

We keep them from birth until about age one they live out on the marsh or the paddock. they have  great life untill theyre quite old and bored. Then we take them to market and sell them off to another farm. where they again live ‘free range’ as you may say. Happy as lambs. Next, when theyre life is ready to come to an end and its time for it to move on, it is taken to a slaughter house where it is killed with minimal pain or stress. I know this because, even if the slaughterhouse was evil, the meat comes out as tough if an animal is stressed or scared before being killed. this is why, at least with beef, almost all slaughterhouses kill as quickly and humainly as possible.


This i why im not a vegetarian. Or a vegan. As long as you buy sustainable british, 100% beef meat then you really arent hurting a cow much at all. If the whole world were vegetarian. What would become of cows? If theyre not living on farms and having a happy outdoors life in the beautiful rolling hills of Britain, what will they do? The current cows alive will die, but no one will want to breed them, and that will be the end of cows. There wont be any wild cows there simply isnt enough room in the world. Perhaps a few will be put in Zoo’s, but honestly who wants to see a cow in a zoo. Cows will become extinct. So this is why, if you really want to save the cows. Dont be a vegatarian or a vegan. Help promote sustainable farming. This is why you should only buy 100% British beef.

First Post

Im Lola. Im starting this blog. If I’m honest its just because im a little bored and i love writing. So in this blog im going to write whenever i feel like it. About whatever i feel like. Im 15, i go to school everyday. I have alot of ideas, this often bores my friends and family. i like discussing things. i live on a farm. I know, dream life but its really not that great for me, mostly because iv been there all my life so I’m bored of it now. All i want now is to live in a big city in an apartment with a friend or even alone. id love to live in London. Anyway thats the end of my first post.Placeholder Image